Municipal Budgeting & Financial Analysis

Positioning your municipality for financial success

Perhaps the number one challenge for local governments is managing budgetary demands with decreased revenues, increased service demands and costs of unfunded state and federal mandates. Unfortunately this leaves many elected officials to respond with traditional budget options: tax increases, service cuts or a combination of both. For some municipalities, it even means a further downward spiral of filing Act 47 so they can recover from their financially distressed state.

Using our strong business acumen in budgeting and financial analysis, we can position your municipality for success with a laser focus on balancing your budget. We take a proactive approach with careful consideration using these tactics for improving your financial outcome:

  • Asset management
  • Debt restructuring
  • Expense reduction
  • Financial review & implementation
  • Purchasing
  • Revenue generation &/or expansion

Smart budgeting enables municipalities to better serve the public by improving residents’ quality of life and helping businesses flourish. Count on Keystone Business Connections to help you improve your community’s economic well-being.